mirra chairHerman Miller® Mirra® Chair Parts

Brand New Herman Miller® Mirra® Replacement Chair Parts for Mirra and Mirra 2 Chairs.  
The first step is, check your warranty! Herman Miller Mirra chairs comes with a full 12 year warranty on the entire chair for the original owner. The date of purchase can be found on a sticker under the seat along with the model #
Please email for pricing quote/please provide your chair model # - it starts with MRXXX". Please note that there is a 3-4 week lead time. Thank you for you patience.
Mirra® Replacement Seat Pan
Mirra Seat Pan

The AirWeave™ suspension seat distributes your body pressure evenly and keeps you cool. It adjusts itself as soon as you sit. Colors available Airweave®
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Mirra® Triflex™ Replacement Backrest
Mirra Tri flex Backrest

The one-piece, frameless backrest is a polymer pierced with 567 geometric shapes to create three flex zones. Each zone provides an appropriate level of flexibility for the right ergonomic support and natural adjustment. 
Available for Mirra or Mirra 2 chairs
Mirra with FIXED Lumbar $178.50
Mirra with Adjustable Lumbar $194.50
Mirra 2 Triflex Replacement Backrest $290.50
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Fixed or Adjustable Lumbar Kits
Mirror Lumbar Kits

This adjustable lumbar support fits into the back of a Mirra® work chair. It adjusts 4-1/2" in height and 1" in depth.
Lumbar kit’s support bow finish matches Mirra chair’s frame finish. Lumbar kit’s lumbar strap finish matches Mirra chair’s molded back finish. See below
Mirra Lumbar Kit $109.85
Mirra 2 Adjustable Lumbar Kit $157.50
Mirra 2 FIXED Lumbar Kit $68.75
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Mirra Chair TriFlex™ Upholstered Back
Mirra Upholstered Backrest

This upholstered back replaces an existing back on a Mirra® work chair. Its TriFlex™ back is upholstered with Latitude™ fabric on the front side. The applied fabric allows flexible support and airflow. (avail in G1 Graphite, ZJ Citron, ZK Cappuccino, ZM Alpine, ZN Blue Fog and ZR Shadow) see below
with Adjustable Lumbar Kit $262.50
with FIXED Lumbar Kit $246.50
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Standard Caster
Herman Miller Posture Fit

2-1/2-inch-diameter hard doublewheel caster; black nylon wheels and yoke; for use on carpet only
Price: $11.95 ea.
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Soft Caster
herman miller aeron caster-soft

2-1/2-inch-diameter double-wheel caster; black nylon wheels and yoke; soft polyurethane tread; for use on hard floors or carpet
Price: $14.95 ea.
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2-1/2" high glide
Herman Miller Mirra Chair Glide

7/16"x 7/8" stem "B" Black nylon
for use on hard floors or carpet
Price: $10.95 ea.
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Arm Pads
mirra arm pads

Black or Shadow Grey
Mirra $48.65 each For Chairs AFTER 8/9/2010, for chairs mfr. before please inquire
Mirra 2 $52.65 each
Sold in pairs
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Gas Cylinder
Herman Miller Mirra Gas Cylinder

Replacement Gas Cylinder (Low & Extended options available, please inquire)
Standard Cylinder Mirra: $64.95
Standard Cylinder Mirra 2: $52.75
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Herman Miller Mirra Gas Cylinder
Low or Extended Height Gas Cylinders
Mirra: low-height option has a seat-height range of 15" to 19-1/2"
extended-height option has a seat-height range of 16" to 21-1/2"
Mirra 2: low-height option has a seat-height range of 14-3/4" to 19"
extended-height option has a seat-height range of 16-3/4" to 22-1/4"
Price $79.75 ea
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Tilt limiter control handle
Herman Miller Mirra Gas Cylinder

Mirra: $19.85
Mirra 2: $22.85
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Mirra Front Flex Roller Mechanism (Specify Color: See Below)
Mirra: $74.95
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Click here for schematics
Also avilable:
Harmonic Tilt Tension Roller Mechanism
Tilt Limiter Kit
Seat Height Adjustment Kit
Other Misc. Parts available
Frame Colors
Shadow Graphite  
Cappucino Citron Fog
Graphite Shadow  
Upholstered Lattitude
Cappucino Citron Fog
Graphite Shadow